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In everyday life, paper towels are not uncommon. Unlike a paper towel, those made from fabric can be washed and reused, but few know how to make them. On Verotex we will guide you to make your own kitchen towel!

Difficulty level: Easy

Materials needed:

  • Honeycomb fabric
  • Patterned cotton fabric
  • Pressure pliers
  • Plastic pressure

1- Make a template of 23 cm by 22 cm out of cardboard.

Photo to insert

2- Cut the honeycomb fabric and a patterned cotton::

Photo to insert

3- Assemble the honeycomb against the small patterned cotton to have upside down against the honeycomb not upside down.vers).

Photo to insert

4- Choose the side to topstitch last, sew 3 sides 1 cm from the edge.

5- Turn over, then iron and turn over the side where the outer topstitching is applied.

Result of the topstitching:

surpicure (photo to put 

6- Put pressure on the fabric and you're done.

7- Repeat the operation to obtain the desired number of paper towels.u.


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