Tuto : coudre un bavoir

We know that keeping our children's clothes clean during meals has become complicated. Between the mash on the pants or the compote on the t-shirt, we don't see the end of it! But Verotex helps you with a tutorial, you can make your own personalized bibs with materials that respect your children's health and clothing.

Have fun creating ever more original bibs for your children.

Difficulty level : Easy

First, you will need:

Step 1: Place the bib pattern on the poplin fabric and cut it out. Do the same for the terry cloth.

Step 2: Place the poplin fabric and the terry fabric right sides together. Hang everything with the clips, leaving an opening to be able to turn it over later.

Step 3: Now you need to sew the two fabrics 1cm from the edge with a straight stitch while leaving the opening unstitched.

Step 4: Flip the fabric assembly through the opening.

Step 5: Close the opening with the pliers then topstitch everything.

Step 6: Finally you have to put the pressures as in the video. Follow the movements and the direction well.

So ! Now you have an easy to put on and take off bib for your meals with your children. You can reproduce them endlessly and in different colors each time!!

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