Tuto : coudre une serviette

Welcome your guests with ever more beautiful and creative decoration?

Nothing's easier !! Unlike paper towels, you can reuse those made of cotton or linen. Create your towels for a decoration 100% personalized by you.

Enhance your tables, your plates with ever more original napkins for your #evenings with friends or family!

Difficulty level : Easy

First, you will need:

Step 1: Cut your fabric into the dimensions of a 40 by 40 cm square.

Step 2: Make double inward folds on all 4 edges of the fabric. You can use pliers like in the video.

Step 3: Now you can sew the 4 edges one by one using your sewing machine.

End of time! You have made a cotton or linen towel in record time!! You now have your unique and personalized decoration for your future parties or events.

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