À quoi sert une surjeteuse ?

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The serger: what is it used for?

After some sewing time, you will notice that some fabric materials are more difficult to work with than others, especially for stretch fabrics. However, when using a serger also called overlocker, you will have less difficulty working on jersey, knit or fleece. Even if some seamstresses work without the serger, it remains an essential machine for others.

What are the roles of a serger?

The serger allows you in a single pass to cut, to stitch and even to overcast your fabric with precision while respecting an impeccable finishing.
This machine doesn't just have one use, it helps you to do a simple finishing like a rolled hem, join two fabrics together, but also overlock fabrics that are fraying in the blink of an eye.

What are the stitches of the serger?

  • The 4-thread overlock stitch : this stitch is necessary for sewing and overcasting the edges of fabrics, it also requires, as the name suggests, 4 spools of thread .
  • The 2 or 3-thread overlock stitch : this sewing stitch only allows you to overlock the edges. It is generally used for thin fabrics and requires between 2 or 3 spools of thread depending on your needs.
  • The rolled hem : it is a hem rolled up in the edge of the fabric while rolling it up with a satin stitch. This finishing hem gives a nice finish to the edges of your fabric. It can be used on both stretch and non-stretch fabrics.
  • The flatlock : this stitch is used for decorative finishes, especially on dresses with flounces or the armholes of clothing.

What thread to use for a serger?

Always choose a polyester thread. We recommend our sewing threads that can be used for your serger. Our sewing threads are 3000 meters long (1.87 miles) that we propose at low prices and good quality.

Why getting a serger?

The serger is quite useful if you already have some sewing skills, we do not recommend for beginners as it is a long-term investment. It is better for you to first get to know your classic sewing machine well and then to invest your time in an overlocker, especially if you buy one requiring to adjust the tension by yourself.


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