Comment utiliser de la Vlieseline ?

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Vlieseline is a brand of iron-on. Iron-on is a fabric used primarily to reinforce, stabilize and give shape to your sewing projects.  


Here's how to use Vlieseline or iron-on:

  1. Decide what thickness of Vlieseline you need depending on the fabric and the effect you want to achieve. 
  2. Cut the Vlieseline to the desired size and shape. 
  3. Place the Vlieseline on the wrong side of the fabric. 
  4. Cover the iron-on with parchment paper to protect your iron. 
  5. Iron the fabric and the Vlieseline together to secure the Vlieseline in place (iron the fabric six times without steam). You can do this for 12 seconds. 
  6. Sew the fabric as you normally would.  

Which iron-on to choose?

There are different kinds of interlinings that adapt to the fabric to be stabilized. Here are the different types of interlining to always have at home: 

Vlieseline H200 fusible interlining is a non-woven interlining made of synthetic fibres. It is light, with a fairly firm hold while avoiding the deformation of your creations. This interlining is ideal for small inserts in blouses or other garments such as collars, cuffs, facings , etc.  

The versatile fusible interfacing G 700 in mid-weight cotton is perfect for giving hold to your blouses, buttoned shirts, etc.  

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