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We often dream of being able to revamp our interior as we wish, but this is sometimes too expensive and cumbersome. 😣

Nothing better than sewing your own decoration! In this tutorial we show you how to sew a cushion cover without a zipper simply and quickly!

Here is the list of materials you will need:

Step 1: Measure your cushion and replace L and l of the pattern below with your measurements.

L being the length and l the width.


As in the pattern above, you must add 20cm of flap in one width, 2cm in both widths to make double hems and 1cm of excess in the lengths. This is a very crucial step before cutting your fabric!

Step 2: Once your fabric is cut according to the pattern, overcast once all the way around.

Step 3: You are going to make double internal hems on the reverse side of your fabric. Across the width, fold twice to create the double hem then pin to help you sew. Repeat on the second width.


Step 3: As soon as your double hems are sewn, turn over to see the right side of your fabric, fold down 20 cm on one side of the cover then slide the other side under the flap.

Step 4: Pin to hold then sew!


Step 5: Flip your work over and voilà! You can place your cushion inside.

Create as many covers as you want, regardless of patterns or fabric types!

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