Tuto : Comment coudre avec un cône ?

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Today, I'm explaining how to use our large spools of thread with this tutorial. To sew with a spool of thread in all simplicity, I will explain to you today the trick of the cup. Follow my little video for all the details!

First step: Place the coil

First, put the thread cone in a cup at the back of your sewing machine.

Second step: Thread the thread from the spool correctly into the machine

As you can see in the video, thread your machine normally following the instructions on your sewing machine.

Third step: Put your fabric under the needle

When you have finished threading your machine, place your fabric under your presser foot. After that, you can start sewing your best outfits or accessories.

Bonus: Always do tests on fabric scraps before starting to test your machine;) 

You are now ready to sew with our little tricks! Do not hesitate to visit our site or in store to buy our superb thread spools as well as our fabrics made in Europe.



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