How to take care of fabrics?

Cotton care:

Cotton textiles are generally durable, but may shrink in the wash if washed at high temperatures. When you buy cotton from Verotex, it is already pre-washed and you won't need to do this anymore. In general with cotton textiles, it is recommended to pre-wash it beforehand by letting them soak overnight so that it regains its original shape. If necessary it can even be boiled. The ideal temperature for washing cotton is 30°C (86°F). This type of fabric can be dried naturally or put in the dryer at low temperature.

Faux leather care:

Faux Leather is washed at low temperature 30°C (86°F) if it is soiled or stained, do not hesitate to rub the fabric with a sponge soaked in soap and should only be ironed at low temperature. Avoid rubbing too hard or pouring bleach on the textile as it could damage the fabric.

Faux fur care:

Faux fur can be washed at a low temperature 30°C (86°F) and cannot be put in a trumble dryer. In case you decide to wash it by hand this is done with cold or lukewarm water and immerse only the stained part in water instead of soaking all the fur and rub gently so it does not get damaged.

Viscose care:

The viscose textile is washed at low temperature 30°C (86°F), it can only be ironed at low temperature and cannot be tumble dried. This textile is absorbent and more fragile when wet, hence it should be washed with precaution. In case you decide to wash it by hand you should rub gently with soap in cold water.

Polyester care:

Polyester fabrics are strong, resilient, wrinkle-resistant, colorful, crisp and hold well, but they are also non-absorbent. Polyester is used for clothing and the filling of clothing and coats; some linens and towels are also made from polyester blends. Polyester fabrics do not move and it is not advisable to put them in the tumble dryer or iron them at high temperature as this may damage the textile because of the elastane.

Jeans care:

The jeans are washed at a moderate temperature of 40°C (104°F), but on the other hand it requires a pre-wash before use for sewing and if your fabric is slackened putting it in the dryer will restore its original shape.

Wool care:

The wool is cold washed at 30°C (86°F) and in delicate mode as it can shrink in the washing machine and cannot be tumble dried. Ideal for maintaining this textile is natural drying.

Micro-fiber care:

The micro-fiber is washed at low temperature 30°C (86°F) without the use of softener and it should not be put in a tumble dryer as it can shrink during washing.

Fleece care:

Fleece is a textile washed at low temperature 30°C (86°F) and cannot be tumble dried. In case you decide to wash it by hand, it must be done with cold water and the fabric should be rubbed gently to avoid damaging it.


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