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Our origin

The history of Verotex is also the story of a family heritage of tissue mastery passed down from grandparent to great-grandchild. It all started with the Dewit family and their grandmother selling fabrics door to door. Then in 1998 on the market and finally a few years later.rd.


One of the Belgian textile leader

In 2004, Verotex celebrated its inauguration and opening in the heart of Wavre, capital of Walloon Brabant, to become one of the largest textile players in Belgium.

Our mission has always been to make the world a greener place, by providing you with the most eco-friendly fabric and produced in the most sustainable form. We offer the best quality of organic fabric at the best price on the market.

Today we have expanded not only in French-speaking Belgium, but also in Flanders Dutch-speaking Belgium and even in neighboring European countries.ns.

Help us make fashion more ecological and sustainable with our European fabric produced in the most ethical way.