Tuto : Coudre un noeud papillon réglable

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Hello quilts!

With this tutorial, we will show you how to sew a bow tie.

Follow the lead !!

(This Youtube video is only available in French)

To be on top like a true gentleman with the arrival of spring, we tell you how to make your own bow tie for parties, galas and many more...

You will therefore need:

Follow the steps with the help of our video to properly follow the movements to be made.

Step 1: Place the three pattern yokes on your fabric then hold the fabric with sewing pins to be able to cut out the yokes. Cut your bow tie shape pattern twice as in the video. 

Step 2: After obtaining the two yokes of the bow tie shape and one of each with the other two pattern shapes. Also cut 2 bow tie pattern in your iron-on, but only this shape as in the video.

Step 3: After this step, place your iron-on, iron your fabric assembly in the right direction without steam.

Step 4: Following the video, take your two yokes and place right sides together and hold them with your needles leaving an opening. 

Step 5: Sew the two yokes, leaving an opening so you can turn it over later.

Step 6: Cut using pinking scissors along your previously sewn bow tie yoke. Then flip your piece over and you can iron over it if you wish. 

Step 7: You can now close your opening using a sewing needle and thread. And therefore close it with a small invisible stitch by hand. 

Step 8: Fold your yoke in three as in the video. Using your fingers press it, then for more ease hold it with pins.

Step 9: You must sew the pleated middle using thread and a needle, still by hand. 

Step 10: Take the smallest yoke, fold it in half, right sides together and sew it lengthwise at the edge. Then turn it over to have it the right way round. 

Step 11: Place your small yoke that you have just turned over in the middle of the previous yoke as in the video. Then close it by hand with an invisible stitch. 

Step 12: Then take the last yoke (the longest) and make a fold of one centimeter on each edge lengthwise with the help of an iron.

Step 13: Using clips, fold your yoke in half by placing the two edges of one centimeter previously made against each other like me in the video. Then sew along the length with your sewing machine. 

Step 14: Thread the first adjustable tie of the bow tie on your yoke, which we have just sewn. Fold it in order to maintain the tie and sew everything. Follow the video to fully understand the movements.

Step 15: Now place the second tie at the other end of the yoke and sew to hold it on the yoke. Attention follow the movements as in the video for the second tie in order to put it on in the right direction. Then you can sew the inside as we did.


And there you go !! Your efforts have been rewarded, your buttoned shirt is now adorned with your incredible bow tie. It must be said, nothing beats a self-sewn bow tie.

Do not hesitate to get our equipment used in this tutorial on our site or in store.

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