There are many types of fabrics you can sew as a beginner. Here are some suggestions for materials that are easy to work with for beginners:

  • Cotton Poplin Fabric : Poplin is a lightweight, easy-to-sew fabric that is suitable for many sewing projects. It's the number one fabric we're going to recommend for your first sewing projects. It does not move so very easy to handle.

  • Linen Fabric : Linen is a sturdy and hard-wearing fabric, so it's great for beginner sewing projects.

  • SWISS COTTON FABRIC: Swiss cotton is a light and soft cotton fabric that is suitable for many beginner sewing projects. Thanks to its mercerized thread, it has a silky effect. It sews like cotton poplin, it even glides on your sewing machine on its own.

  • Jersey fabric : jersey is a stretchy and comfortable fabric that is suitable for many sewing projects for beginners, such as T-shirts and leggings, be careful that when you start you tend to pull on this type of fabric so that it is better to let it slide under the machine.

  • Honeycomb fabric : the honeycomb is a waffle fabric, made of cotton. The fabric has a heavy and resistant fall. The advantage with honeycomb is that you just have to follow the trace of the embosser for the cut, perfect for simple sewing projects.
  • Cotton terry: cotton terry is a small loop woven fabric. The cotton sponge has a heavy and resistant fall. It is sewn in the same way as the honeycomb and therefore perfect for your first sewing projects.
  • Cotton canva fabric: cotton canva is a thicker cotton. The canvas has a heavy and resistant drape. When you are going to sew your edges together, my recommendation is to overcast it (do a zigzag stitch). It sews like cotton poplin.

It is important to choose a fabric that is suitable for your sewing project and your skill level. If you are a beginner, it is recommended that you choose materials that are easy to work with to help you gain experience and feel comfortable with your sewing machine.

Stockinette can be scary at first sewing projects, but if you use it correctly by not pulling your sewing project while sewing it. If you have a good stretch needle and your sewing machine tension set correctly when you change from stitch to zigzag stitch, there won't be a problem.

It is normal to want to experiment with sewing in different ways and to want to mix and match materials, but for your first sewing projects try to stick to the same fabric materials. Don't forget that mistakes are made to learn, that you also have to start with small things sometimes to lead you to big things.

Finally, always choose a fabric that you like first, it will motivate you more to sew.