À quoi sert une canette de machine à coudre ?

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What is a sewing machine bobbin used for?

Sewing has evolved enormously over time with the introduction of the sewing machine. This tool made sewing more accessible but it was therefore necessary to become familiar with it. In order to succeed in sewing, it is essential to know the components of your sewing machine, and one of the most essential is the bobbin. In this blog, we will explain in detail the role of the bobbin in a sewing machine and how to use it.


What is a can?

A bobbin is a small spool that fits into the bottom housing of the sewing machine. It is usually made of metal or plastic and is used to hold the bottom wire. When the bobbin is correctly inserted and loaded with thread, it forms a lower loop that intertwines with the upper thread coming from the upper spool, creating a strong, even seam.


The role of the bobbin in a sewing machine

    1. Supplying Bottom Thread: The bobbin plays a vital role in feeding the bottom thread of the sewing machine. When the machine is in operation, the bobbin thread is fed by the rotating hook of the machine and interweaves with the upper thread to form a strong seam. The lower thread, also known as the bobbin thread, is generally thicker and stronger than the upper thread.
    2. Maintain thread tension: The bobbin plays a crucial role in maintaining thread tension. Incorrect tension can cause sewing problems, such as loose or overly tight stitches. Modern sewing machines come with adjustable tension systems for the bobbin, allowing the tension to be adjusted depending on the type of fabric and the project at hand. (top image: tension too loose / bottom image: tension too tight)
    3. Checking the stitching points: The bobbin also influences the formation of the stitching points. Sewing machines offer different types of stitches, such as straight stitch, zigzag stitch, decorative stitch, etc. The bobbin, in cooperation with the upper thread, ensures regular and precise stitch formation, which is essential for achieving quality sewing finishes.

    Making a bobbin with a sewing machine

    When purchasing bobbins, you will notice that the thread will not be included, so you will have to do it yourself but don't panic, your machine will take care of it! To do this, you will only need 3 things: your machine, your bobbin and the spool of thread you want to use!

    Follow these steps and you'll just have to repeat with each color change.

    1. Insert the original spool onto the spool holder
    2. Pass the thread through the path indicated on your machine
    3. Pass the thread through the small hole in your bobbin
    4. Secure the bobbin on its holder and tilt it to the right to lock it.
    5. Press your pedal while holding the wire
    6. Cut the thread when finished
    7. Insert it according to your machine

    You can finally start your sewing, do not hesitate to adjust the tension according to your project.

    Bobbin care and handling

    To ensure optimal operation of the sewing machine, it is important to properly handle and maintain the bobbin. Here are some helpful tips:

    1. Use bobbins that fit your machine: Make sure you use bobbins specifically designed for your sewing machine model. Bobbins can vary in size and shape, and using the incorrect bobbin can cause sewing problems. Find our Juki cans on our haberdashery page.
    2. Choose the right thread: Use a quality thread appropriate for the type of fabric you are sewing. Using poor quality bobbin thread can lead to frequent thread breakage and tension problems. Find all our sewing threads on our haberdashery page.
    3. Clean the bobbin case regularly: Remove the bobbin from the case and clean the area regularly with a soft brush to remove debris and thread buildup. This will ensure smooth operation of the bobbin.

    The role and use of the can no longer hold any secrets for you! You are ready to start your sewing! We offer several simple tutorials on our blog if you are new to sewing, also find us on Facebook , Instagram and TikTok !


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