Comment choisir son aiguille pour sa machine à coudre ?

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Select your sewing needle ?

In contrast to what many people think, the choice of sewing needle depends primarily on two things and this is often neglected. quality and the thickness of the needle which are the most important elements in the choice of the needle.

On Verotex you will know which type of needle to use, depending on the type of fabric you are using.

Needle size:

Needle size

Needle number ranges from 60 to 110.
This is the diameter of the needle in hundredths of mm and are sold by thickness. The thicker the fabric, the higher the needle number to prevent the needle or the fabric fibers from breaking leaving unwanted holes.

table fabric needles

The size is indicated on the boxes but is also engraved on the needles. are suitable for all makes of sewing machines.

Please take into account the heel of the needles suitable for the sewing machine. The needle with round heel or standard heel.

Check needle heel before purchase.

Aiguille boite

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