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What is a zipper?

A zipper is a mechanical device allowing the rapid opening and closing of a garment or an accessory.

Type of zipper:

There are different types of zippers that can be categorized into large families and each with specific uses.

  • The invisible zipper : as its name suggests, it is almost invisible, only its slider is. They are inseparable and require a different approach to stitching. Something to make your creations more elegant.
  • The separable zipper : as the name suggests, it can be separated. Very practical for your jackets, sweaters or accessories, the teeth are thicker to recognize them better.
  • The metal zipper : it is made of metal, more precisely brass for the most part. It is often used to make jeans, leather clothing, bags...
  • The classic plastic zipper : what can we say about it? This is the zipper to have in stock at home as it can be used almost anywhere. Easy to shorten if necessary, it is just as solid as the other models.
  • The lace zipper : This zipper is posed differently since the lace must be visible: it is necessary to lay it flat. This zipper will embellish some of your creations.  

How to choose the length of your zipper?

You should know that zippers can be sold by the meter or with a specific length.

The advantage of choosing a zipper by the meter is that you can choose the length you want and that if it is too long, you can always shorten it.

How to shorten a zipper?

Choose the length you want. Then it will be necessary to weld the zipper with a "zigzag" point and without forgetting to add the slider.

This method can only be done on plastic, invisible or metered zippers.

Things to remember for a zipper:

It is always possible to replace the slider of its zipper. Do not hesitate to go to your nearest haberdashery to find a new slider: this will save you from changing the whole zipper.

Know that there is a crowbar for all the zippers and a specific crowbar for the invisible zippers.

How to recognize a good zipper?

Fold your closed zipper in half, then open one side forward and the other side backward at the same time. If the zipper does not open, it means that it is of good quality.


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