Enfilage de la surjeteuse Lewenstein Multilock 700DE

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Lewenstein Multilock 700DE Serger

It is always essential to know your serger before using it otherwise the urge to give up may arise due to simple frustration.

In this blog we will explain step by step how to thread the Lewenstein Multilock 700DE serger.

Threading the Lewenstein Multilock 700DE

Threading sergers can be complicated the first few times, but by following this tutorial explaining step by step how to thread the Lewenstein Multilock 700DE, you will handle your machine like no other!

We also offer you an explanatory video for better follow-up threading.

Step 1: First make sure your serger is unplugged. You are going to place your 4 spools on the spool wedges. Feel free to use the spool colors listed on the machine the first time you use it to help you find your way around better thanks to the color code.

Step 2: Once you have passed the threads through their respective slots in the thread guides, you will take the green thread corresponding to the upper looper that you will pass through the s disk ues d and blood pressure n in the following order:

Threading the Lewenstein Multilock 700DE serger

If the upper looper thread breaks during sewing, it may be because the lower looper thread is tangled in the upper looper. If this happens, lower the upper looper using the handwheel, remove the thread that has become tangled in the upper looper and re-thread the upper looper from the tension discs.

Step 3: Then you will take the blue thread corresponding to the lower looper that you will pass through the tension discs in the following order:

Check that your lever is lowered then do not forget to raise it in phase 4.

Threading the Lewenstein Multilock 700DE serger

Step 4: Now you are going to come and take the yellow and red threads corresponding to the thread of the sewing needles that you are going to pass through the thread guide, starting first with the yellow thread (left needle) then the red one (needle of right). Then you will have to pass the threads through the respective needle eyes:

Threading the Lewenstein Multilock 700DE serger

And There you go! You have put on your serger, you can now sew!

Here is the result you will get for the right side and the wrong side of your seam:

Features of the Lewenstein Multilock 700DE serger


The Lewenstein Multilock 700DE serger has a sturdy motor that is ideal for heavy fabrics . Whether you are a beginner or experienced , it will satisfy you.

The serger features automatic lower looper threading, built-in rolled hem, adjustable presser foot, swing-away upper knife, adjustable upper and lower knives, waste tray and an optional set of feet.


The Lewenstein Multilock 700DE serger is equipped with a free arm which makes it easier to sew sleeves or legs in a cylindrical fashion. You can adjust the length and width of the overlock stitches as well as the thread tension. The light is integrated, allowing a better vision of your sewing.


  • Sewing speed: max 1300 sti/min
  • Number of threads: 2/3/4 overlock
  • Stitch length: max 4mm
  • Stitch width: 5/7 mm
  • Needle: 130/705H (HAx1SP)
  • Dimensions: 340(L)*290(W)*330(H)mm
  • Weight: 7kg

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