À quoi sert une aiguille double ?

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What is a twin needle?

The twin needle will replace your classic needle on your sewing machine. It is composed of two identical needles joined by a bar between them and a single heel as in the image below.

twin needle

What is it for ?

The twin needle allows you to achieve a very clean finish to the edges of your garments such as the sleeves, the neck or to patch pockets, the twin needle is therefore not used to sew two pieces together. On the right side of your fabric you will have two parallel lines, while on the reverse you will have zigzags, which is very useful for jersey or all stretch fabrics since this seam keeps the elasticity of your fabric. You can choose two different thread colors for more original decorative stitches.

How to use the twin needle?

Follow the following steps in order to be able to use the twin needle properly, you can also follow the video for more ease.

Step 1: Remove your classic needle and place your double needle through its heel.

Step 2: Place your first spool on your spool pin, pass your thread through the thread guide as indicated on your machine, remembering to pass it through the thread take-up lever.

Step 3: Do the same with your 2nd coil.

If your spool is too big for the spool holder then place it in a cup as a support, or you can replace one of the two spools with a bobbin.

Step4: Pass each thread through each needle as in the picture below then put them in the background so you don't get in the way when sewing.

twin needle

And now you can start sewing your fabrics! Here is the result you will get with the straight stitch .

double needle result
double needle result
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