Tuto : comment faire un tug pour chien

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If you have a very playful dog that doesn't play with his toys, then don't waste your money. Instead, we suggest you to make your own dog tug with this easy tutorial that doesn't require sewing. A simple, effective and fun activity to do with your family!

(This Youtube video is only in French)

To get started you will only need two things:

You can choose between 1, 2 or 4 different colors. Feel free to vary the colors. Find all our fleece fabrics by clicking here .

Step 1: Lay out your fleece fabric on a flat surface, cut 4 strips approximately 7cm x 150cm (3 inch by 60 inch). They may not be perfect, but feel free to use heavy objects to hold the fabric in place.

If you have 2 colors, cut 2 strips of each. If you have 4, cut only one of each.

Pink and blue dog tug

Step 2: Make a knot by joining the 4 ends of the strips, pull tight and separate the ends as in the image below so that one end is at the top, another at the bottom and the other two at the left and right.

Pink and blue dog tug

Step 3: Loop the top and bottom strip, pass the left and right strips through the loops and pull. Don't hesitate to pull tight, the fabric is strong enough and won't fray. Continue like this until you're left with 20cm (8 inch) of fabric.

Pink and blue dog tug

Step 4: Make a 2nd knot, pull hard and voila! You can start playing with your dog!

Pink and blue dog tug

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