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Our dogs also need renewal in their wardrobes. 🐶

In this quick and easy tutorial we show you how to sew a bandana for your dog if you want to personalize his collar or match it to your own outfits!

Here is the list of materials you will need:

      We offer you a pre-made pattern for small and medium dogs! If your dog is tall, then the measurements of the pattern must be modified according to the width of your dog's collar and for this you must increase the height of the pattern. For the Rainbow pattern we measured 24 cm for the length and 19 cm for the height. 😉

      Step 1: Pin the bandana pattern to your fabric then cut 2 times the yoke.

      dog bandana pattern

      Step 2: Assemble the 2 yokes right sides together leaving an opening in the length, then sew everything still leaving the length free.

      dog bandana pattern

      Step 3: Flip your work over to see the correct side of your fabric.

      Step 4: Join the length with an inside hem then sew. Your bandana must be completely sewn so there must be no openings at this stage!

      dog bandana pattern

      Step 5: To create a sort of hem that will allow the dog's collar to pass through. You are going to measure the necklace leaving a little space so you can easily slide it on afterwards as in the picture below. Pin then topstitch along the entire length.

      dog bandana pattern

      Pass the necklace through the tube and voila! You can finally embellish your dog with this beautiful bandana made by you!

      Look at this superhero!!

      jumping dog gif
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