Overlocker JUKI MO-214D

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The JUKI MO-214D overlocker has a wide variety of stitches , allowing you to sew all types of fabrics with ease and create perfect finishing seams !

Manufacturer's warranty 2 years + 3 years with registration!

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Features :

LED lighting, integrated rolled hem, waste bin, blindstitch foot and an automatic needle threader.

Features :

  • Sewing speed: max 1500 sti/min
  • Number of threads: 2/3/4 overlock
  • Stitch length: max 4mm
  • Stitch width: left needle 6 mm / right needle 4 mm / rolled edge 2 mm
  • Height of the presser foot: 5 / 7.5 mm
  • Needle: 130/750H (HAx1) 70-90
  • Dimensions: 315(L)*290(W)*290(H)mm
  • Weight: 7kg

Details :

Linear thread tensions:

Allows easy donning with color coding and easy to understand sliders.
Overlocker JUKI MO-214D

Differential setting:

Allows control and adjustment of the ratio differential 0.7 to 2.0.
Overlocker JUKI MO-214D

Cutting width adjustment:

Allows you to quickly and easily adjust the cutting width for a better rolled finish.
Overlocker JUKI MO-214D

Adjustable stitch length:

Allows you to adjust the stitch length from 1 to 4 mm.
Overlocker JUKI MO-214D

Stitch finger for rolled hem:

Creates rolled hems without changing the needle plate or presser foot.
Overlocker JUKI MO-214D

Accessories included:

Overlocker JUKI MO-214D
  1. electronic pedal
  2. Upper looper cover *
  3. Retaining washers
  4. tweezers
  5. Brush / Needle threader
  6. Net
  7. Looper Threader **
  8. needle set
  9. small screwdriver
  10. Oiler
  11. Accessory pouch
  12. Protective cover
  13. Invisible seam foot
  14. Waste bin

* Special accessory for the MO-204D

** Only for MO-204D

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